NGC-C Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults Beginners do not Fall,24 Knots, Abdomen Fitness Increase Beauty, 2 in 1 Fitness Weight Loss and Massage, Detachable

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Smart Hula hoop exercise Slim abdomen S-shaped bodybuilding exercises,detachable design, can be adjusted to meet the needs of different stages of thegym, waist adjustable fat burning Hula hoop for weight loss
Material: ABS
Specifications (approximately): 24 section diameter, Upper limit 106.65cm / 41.99in

Exercise plan:
4-6 times a week, it is recommended to cycling from 3 days to once a day.
Tip: The time to rotate the hula hoop should not be too long, the time should generally not exceed 45 minutes, the speed should not be too fast, maintain a constant speed of movement, and breathe evenly.
1. With locking buckle, easy to disassemble and install.
2.360 Degree Massage Circle Soft Hula hoop, you can massage the waist during exercise.
Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage products.

❤️2 in 1 Fitness and Massage: Smart Hula Hoop can Quickly Consume Body Fat and Eliminate Fatigue, weighted loss. You will Get the Ideal Figure. At the Same Time, For Those Who Have Been Sitting at Home in the Office for a Long Time, You Must Use this Product if you Feel Backache. You can not Only Get Exercise but Also Massage Your Waist to Achieve a Relaxed State.
❤️Soft and comfortable: 360 Degree Massage Circle Soft Hula hoop allows you to exercise comfortably Fat Burning Faster – 2-3 times faster Burning Fat than normal hula hoop.30 minutes a day to strengthen your Waist.Wear tight clothes when using Smart hula hoop to maximize the effect of hula hoop.
❤️Easy to use: Smart hula hoop is simple and easy to use. It can also be used easily for hula hoops for adult beginners. Compared with a traditional hula hoop, the smart hula hoop will not drop, which solves the problem that beginners will not use. Smart hula hoop has a Massage function to relieve labor pain in the waist.
❤️Adjustable size:waist hoop 24 section diameter,Upper limit 106.65cm / 41.99in, magnet buckle, size can be adjusted at any time.Its gravity ball is fillable.
❤️Applicable scenarios: Fitness Circle,resistance training home,fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage products. We always take customer satisfaction as the service standard. If you have any questions, we will promptly solve them for you!


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