Portion Perfection International Book for Weight Loss – A Visual Weight Control Program – Easy Visual Diet Program for Men, Women and Children, Suitable for Diabetes and Disabilities Dietitian's Plan

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Product Description

Portion Perfection is an innovative pictorial guide book showing you how much food is right to eat for any meal or snack. The book contains guides for men, women and children with clear portion sizes for 1300 Cals, 1600 Cals, 1800 Cals and 2200 Cal intakes which are also easy to modify up or down. The book is divided into the different meal sections and if your food isn’t pictured there will be something similar enough to compare it to. To get started: 1. Identify which calorie intake is right for you. 2. Choose the appropriate mealtime eg. Breakfast 3. Select a menu option eg. Cereal 4. Note the appropriate portion serve for your recommended calorie intake checking the pictures and prepare your meal accordingly. Amanda Clark is an award winning dietitian and creator of Portion Perfection. You can gain additional support from Amanda and her team via www.Facebook.com/PortionPerfection.

Also available in the Portion Perfection for Weight Loss range:

The Portion Perfection Plate:

The Portion Perfection Plate holds a measured portion. There’s an instruction booklet with the plate that describes how much of the plate to fill and how deep to fill it. There are two different serving sizes indicated on the plate because men and women have different needs. Women fill just the base of the plate and men fill out to the plate border.

The Portion Perfection Bowl:

This is a cleverly designed small bowl with cup measures on the inside, so you don’t need to use external measures. Perfect for soups, cereals and fruit, it is an easy reminder of portion size and you can clearly see when you have served a sufficient portion. This bowl is great for the early post-surgery period on 1/2 cup of puree.

Portion Perfection for Bariatrics Book:

Amanda Clark knows that when her clients see pictures, they retain much more than when they only hear things or get provided with a written list of foods. This approach all comes together in this largely pictorial book, showing you how much and what to eat for Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks. In much the same style as the Portion Perfection Book, showing how much food is right to eat for any meal or snack, this guides you to the perfect amounts of food and the options available for you post-Bariatric Surgery.

The Bariatric Plate:

Designed with 3 simple strategies in mind:

1. Nutritional Balance – fill half your plate with protein foods including red meat, poultry, fish, seafood or egg, the other half is ideally filled with low starch (we call them “free”) vegetables with a small, optional carb section included.

2. Portion Control – the bariatric plate is specifically designed to hold the maximum 1 cup of food recommended after all surgeries. Fill with the recommended foods, to a depth of 1 inch in the center.

3. Eating Behaviour – All the prompts around the outside of the plate represent the eating behaviors required to get the best tolerance of your meals and feel maximum satisfaction.

Portion Perfection Snacker:

A big favourite in the Portion Perfection range is the Portion Perfection Snacker! Included is our handy guide for 100 Cal snacks that fit perfectly into each sized container. Just snap them all together and they’ll go anywhere with you. Made of BPA free and phthalate free strong, safe, lightweight plastic.

Portion Perfection Free Vegetables Book:

A beautifully presented cookbook laden with colourful, low starch vegetables. Suitable for use during Very Low-Calorie Diets (Shakes) and a perfect addition to any meal. Portion Perfection recommends half a plate of low starch vegetables at least once every day.

The 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan:

This complete menu plan with recipes provides 4 weeks of balanced eating, complete with nutritional breakdown and portion accurate photos. This unique recipe book also shows you correct portions of the recipe for those who haven’t undergone bariatric surgery.

Amanda owns and runs a boutique nutrition consulting practice and shop on the border of Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. This is where the team goes to work to produce the products that are available to you here.

You can chat to Amanda by tagging her in our bariatric forum on facebook at Beyond Bariatric Surgery and closed group at Bariatric Surgery Eating.

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More products for your Portion Perfection Toolkit!

Portion Perfection Kit

This set is for people wanting to lose weight without surgery or prior to surgery.

The book contains guides for men, women and children covering 1300, 1600, 1800 and 2200 Calories.

Melamine and Porcelain versions available

Spanish Translation Plates

Both the Portion Perfection Plate and the Bariatric Plate come in a Spanish translated melamine version including instruction booklet.

Portion Perfection Snacker

We call this the Portion Perfection Snacker because it comes with our proprietary poster that guides you towards snacks for each sized container that provide 100 Calories, so they fit perfectly with the Portion Perfection concept. The Snacker is available with either bariatric or portion plates in Melamine.

Easy Portion Control

You will put a smile on your face when you feel the difference easy portion control can make to your life with Portion Perfection Products like these

You’ll love what our clients say about us

“I’ve been doing diets all my life and Portion Perfection is the most comprehensive eating guide I’ve come across. It’s so easy a child could follow it.” Joyce Tilley

“The book is absolutely wonderful! Finally a book that is simple, clear and easy to use. I borrowed my girlfriend’s read it from cover to cover and immediately had to have a copy for myself; as well as a set of the plate and bowl. I am really excited about following the book through and can’t wait to show my mum and sister.” Adrienne Cooper

“THANK YOU for dreaming, and creating! the Portion Perfection plate/bowl/book!!! It really is an exceptional tool – one that I hope will empower people to make positive change!” Lenya Sharp

“Thank you so much for your insight and motivation to produce the book,plate and bowl. I saw your product in my bariatric dietitians office and as I am a “visual” person, I really think seeing on my plate the amount I can eat will help be adjust to my new lifestyle.” Anne, Winthrop WA

This book is the last diet book you will buy. Amanda Clark, Dietitian has shown you how much is right to eat for any food.
The book is pictorial, so it shows you in pictures and uses the Portion perfection portion plates and bowls so you can’t go wrong.
The best portion diet book available, with over 20,000 copies sold. Sensible and accurate with no foods taboo.
Divides foods into everyday and occasional and shows you how much and how often to eat. Perfect for Type 2 diabetes
Supporting resources include the portion plates, portion bowls, and the 4 week weight loss menu plan where everything is planned out for you.



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