Tips From 4 Members Who’ve Lost 10+ Pounds — And Kept it Off


Left: Becca before completing the 60day Challenge; Right: Becca after completing the 60day Challenge

Advice No. 1: Stop wondering and start believing that you CAN and WILL!

“Having a positive mindset was everything for me on my weight-loss journey. I had always known what to do, but I didn’t believe that I could do it. When I started to change that mindset and actually say out loud, ‘I CAN change, I WILL change, I AM changing’ that’s when the magic started to happen. I also shifted my mindset from, ‘I am not a fit person’ to ‘I am not a fit person yet.’ Adding ‘yet’ to all my negative stories helped me realize that even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be, that didn’t mean it was my permanent status.”

Advice No. 2: Focus on your habits.

“The other part of that mindset change for me was focusing on my habits instead of my results. Before when I had tried to lose weight, I would go hard for two weeks and then when I didn’t see a certain number on the scale, I would just give up and think, ‘It’s useless! I’ll never change!’ This time around I didn’t worry about the scale changing — I only worried about changing my habits. My victories were showing up at the gym, getting in my workouts, hitting my protein goals, getting in my daily steps, and drinking half my weight in ounces of water.”

“As I focused on healthy habits, the scale naturally started moving in the direction I wanted it to. But more importantly, I felt so good. I was happy and could feel myself getting stronger and having more energy.”

Advice No. 3: Up your level of accountability. 

“There were two game-changers for me. The first was working with a personal trainer. I had never done that before and it opened up a whole new world of exercise to me. It was so amazing to have someone who believed in, supported, and encouraged me through the ups and downs of my journey. There were so many days I wouldn’t have made it into the gym if I didn’t know my trainer was there waiting for me.”

“The second was joining Alpha small group training. Being part of the Alpha community gave me a whole new level of accountability and the push and motivation that comes from working out with other like-minded people. Even after reaching my weight-loss goals, Alpha training continues to give me endless new goals to reach for and work toward. It’s taught me that there are no finish lines in fitness — it’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle.”

Advice No. 4: Always remember the “why” behind your habits. 

“Even on the hardest days, I remember where I’ve been and that I never want to go back to that place. I know what happens if I quit, so now I’m finding out what happens if I keep going. I’m also motivated to be a good example to my husband and children. I want my kids to learn that they can do hard things — and that hard things are also the most rewarding.”


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